Don't Lose Your Mind
June 20, 2018

Back in April, EatNoise had the pleasure of exclusively premiering the first video release - "Exchange them for you" - from Cold Irons Bound then-forthcoming second album "Don't Lose Your Mind".  Well, now it's June and the album has been released - and it's damn good!  And to celebrate ... once again, we shoot the shit with Mark Adams from Cold Irons Bound ...



Congratulation on your debut album "Don't lose your mind"! I've been playing it on high rotation in my car for a while now. What has been the response from other quarters been so far?

Thanks for listening. It seems to have been accepted by folks as a valid follow up to our debut which suggests to us that the songs and production are coming from the right place.

Be careful if listening to it whilst driving though. There are some psych out bits that might cause ya to swerve...


What was the inspiration behind your album title "Don't lose your mind"?

Amongst the four of us (previous bands included) theres been a tradition of sorts of naming records after songs that are yet to be recorded or released if that makes sense.

Perhaps it’s a subconscious way of forcing ourselves not to rest on our laurels....

“Don’t Lose Your Mind” is just that. A song that we are keen to follow up on in future but that didn’t make the current record. As a song title, it also works as an album title for this batch of tunes in our opinion.


Who was involved in recording and production of the album?

“Don’t Lose Your Mind” was made at 400 Acres Studio here in Melbourne by Rohan Sforcina.

We were also lucky enough to have Joe Cope (Big Smoke, Hello Morning, Tracey McNeill) play piano and organ on a number of tracks.



How did your band go about writing new material for the album?

Lack of songs has never been a problem for this band. If there’s a problem, it’s the backlog.

The challenge was to demo them to a reasonable standard ourselves which is something we like doing more and more. This puts us in a position to do some quality control and pick a dozen or so to focus on before we go into the studio proper.


What influences and informs your group as a whole, and individually as musicians and songwriters?

Cold Irons Bound came about as a vehicle for songwriting.

The brief was to go for classic 70s inspired, harmony based, hooky, rock and roll with the obvious country and soul elements that are inherent in that mix.

It could be argued that a blueprint like that is derivative, possibly unattainable and potentially downright boring to some people, and that’s fine with us.  We are willing to run that gauntlet if it suggests the possibility of snagging a good tune or two. 


You released your debut self-titled album in 2016. Do you think there has been any change in sound and attitude of the band between albums?

Rohan is a serious cat. No doubt about it. He helped us achieve what we feel a second album should.
Namely, to be confident enough to stretch out and chase some of the ambition that might not be there on a first record.

We really committed to trying things whilst mixing some songs that we wouldn’t have previously.

Arrangements were changed in the studio at Rohan’s suggestion which we responded to. Again, a band recording for the first time mightn’t feel comfortable doing that. We made some decisions and backed ourselves for better or worse....

I think that this record also taught us that our band is flexible and can be whatever it needs to be at any point in time. By that I mean it can be seen as doing a little or a lot, relative to what’s going on in our lives yet still remain relevant (at least to us).

There’s no label or third party breathing down our necks so the only pressure applied is from within and that’s almost always concerned with the core business of a band: songs. Ultimately, our aim should be to become better songwriters, not to invent needless hassles for ourselves.



Now you've finished your album - what next? Are there any tours or festival appearances planned?

If it’s viable and potentially fun to do, we’ll consider it. So, yes, those things are all on the cards after we take a few months off playing live whilst Ben (guitar and vocals) and his partner Kate welcome their new baby into the world.


Tell us the story of Cold Irons Bound and its members...

We have James Alderman on the drums, Sam Fiddian on the Ricky bass and backing vocals, Ben Carter on the slide and backing vocals while Mark Adams shouts most of the words and plays a twelve string.

We've all been in other bands with one another before and in many cases since as well so we have simpatico I guess. As I mentioned before, the band started to work up songs that were getting written amongst a few of us and before long, we were playing gigs.


I've been dying to ask ... has your bands name got anything to do with the Bob Dylan song of the same name?

Like all good names, it’s stolen. Yes, from the Dylan song. We are all fans of his massive and undeniable output but none of us are fanatics.....

Our name is more a result of the fact that I’ve always liked band names that implied being somewhat beholden, indebted to, or flat out locked down to something, and where that “something” is not always obvious...


If your first single off the album - the catchy "exchange them for you" - was included on a various artists mixed-tape, what other songs from other artists would you like to see on that tape?

Every other fellow self-released Australian artist who also put out a record in the last few months. I reckon that mix tape would fill up pretty quickly even if it was a C120.



If Cold Irons Bound could curate your own music festival, who would be on the bill and why? Who would headline?

Dylan of course. We’d also book ourselves earlier in the day well before his people arrived to avoid the possible scrutiny of his lawyers seeing as we lifted our name from one of his tunes.


What would the bands rider?

Cabernet Savignon
Furphy Ale
Fat Coke
Thin Lizzy
Joni Mitchell


If your music was to be used as a soundtrack for a film, who would youwant directing and starring in it?

To ensure the film had maximum exposure with minimal quality...

Directed by - Baz Lurhmann, the most overrated Australian of all time.

Starring -every other fellow self released Australian artist who also put out a record in recent months, because everyone knows musicians can’t act


If you had to play a completely different genre of music to what you do now, what would it be?

Ambient Soundtracks for Baz Luhrmann pictures.


What food/drink serving suggestions do you have for this album?

Try not to over think it, go with whatever pops into your head. Don’t lose your mind over dinner.



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