Video Premier Exclusive: Cold Irons Bound "Exchange Them For You"
April 05, 2018

Here at I'm very excited to announce our very first-ever exclusive video premier from Melbourne Indie/alt country/rock band Cold Irons Bound, with their song "Exchange Them For You".  This cracking tune is an appetizer from their forthcoming sophomore album "Don't Lose Your Mind" - but more on that another time ...




What is the song "Exchange them for you" all about?

"Exchange Them For You" is what happens when Cold Irons Bound try and write a powerpop song. It comes outta the gate pretty fast but being us, also includes slide guitar and name drops a Neil Young tune (canya pick it)? Lyrically its a cheeky, grab bag rant about all the material stuff that you'd happily give up for that special someone or someplace or something (if you could only afford it).


Tell us about the members of the band we see in the clip?

Thats James Alderman on the drums, Sam Fiddian on the Ricky bass and backing vocals, Ben Carter on the slide and backing vocals while Mark Adams shouts most of the words and plays a twelve string.


You recorded this clip at muscle shoals records in Brunswick East. Why did you choose this location, and does it related to the song at all?

We were sniffing around for an interesting location and realised that we know Marsden who runs Muscle Shoals and so decided to impose ourselves upon him. He was very open to the prospect of having us scare away customers for a few hours. In fact when the shoot was finished, we jumped back on the instruments with him and did some very avant garde renditions of Who songs until the law arrived.



I couldn't make out the albums you bought in the clip. What were they?

Lots of vinyl candy in the video isn't there? I think the first shot is of a JFK speeches LP that I randomly picked up (white cover). Theres also a Doobie Brothers record and a copy of Judas Priest's, Live in Japan which for the sake of posterity I'm gonna go and buy off Marsden for real at the next opportunity.


Who else was involved in the making of this clip?

Sam Reiher and Luis Duncan made it. Very talented chaps the pair of em. We were chuffed when they said they'd do it.


Tell us about the forthcoming album ...

The record is called "Don't Lose Your Mind". Its our second album and was made at 400 Acres with Rohan Sforcina at the helm. I'll tell ya more next time we chat :')



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