When nothing at all is actually quite something
June 11, 2018

Band of Missfits are a Perth four piece that expertly fuse swagger, the fuzz of grunge and the hooks of classic rock.  Roving around Australia's south west since 2015, they've recently released their "Higher Passage", their second EP with huge sounds perfectly exemplified by their single "Nothing at all".  Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Kym Redmond tells us much more ...


So, tell us the story of Band of Missfits ...

I've had a singing background from a young age.  I had a long hiatus until Nigel Bird from WAM (West Australian Music) approached me in 2012 to ask if I had any original material I'd like to record, to have my song included on the "Sounds of Tom Price" regional project.  I jumped at the chance.  I had only picked up my guitar after a long hiatus and was finishing a song I had written years earlier and realised the music hadn't left me.   

I released my debut solo EP titled "What's left behind" in 2015 as a tribute to my late brother.   I wasn't satisfied pursuing a solo career in music, and wanted a full band backing me so around the same time releasing my solo album I set out looking on Bandmix for a drummer and bass player.  Paul Smith (drums) came first; he was the only one that auditioned, he loved my songs, his style fitted perfectly and I never looked back!  Sam Paterniti (bass) came next.  Then only early last year, around the time we released our debut EP "Into the Storm" we approached/poached Melanie Duis to play lead.   

I had written a lot of songs and was wanting a grittier rock sound than our laid-back EP.  We headed down to Yallingup to Fur Real Studio with Sean Lillico heading the production.  I had met Sean on the "Sounds of Tom Price" project  and had remained friends ever since.  He had worked on my solo album and Band of Missfits EP.   


Who is in Band of Missfits, and how did you all meet?

Paul Smith on drums, Melanie Duis on lead guitar, Lee Matheson on bass and myself on rhythm guitar and vocals.  We met Melanie at the Railway Hotel when we played a gig there in 2016.  I hit her up to see if she wanted to play lead guitar for us and it wasn't until I bumped into her at my local pub that I asked her again ... to which she said yes!


You recently released your EP "Higher Passage".  What has the response been like?

It's been great!  We hae a few more fans as we're building momentum and shows are stating to fill out more now.  We have had more sales on this EP with hardcopy CD's and digital downloads which is great.  I think peopl have been quite surprised by our new sound and are embracing it.  It's had quite a good faring on soundcloud too with fans comments.  We'd say all the songs off the EP have been received pretty well.  It took us a while to decide on the first single as it could have been any one of them.  Originally "Words of Silk" was the single until we decided upon "Higher Passage".  The second single "Nothing at all" has probably had the best response so far.  The song came very quickly to me and I knew if was something special from start to finish.



Tell us about the title of your album ...

It's the first single off our EP.  It's about a mutual friendship from different world sthat turns into something more from a distance, coming from a love of music.  Music being the "universal language" and it's also about needing to have self-belief to pull through whn you know it's more or less a mirage.


Who has involved recording this album?

Paul Smith on drums, Melanie Duis on lead, Sam Paterniti on bass and myself on rhythm guita and vocals.  Sean Lillico from Fur Real Studio was the producer.


Now you've finished your EP - what's next?

We have some new songs we will be working on in the next few months,.  We will be pretty busy with gigs too inthe coming months with a few radio interviews as well.  We're hoping to be selected to go play at Music Matters conference in Singapore in September and we're planning a tour of the South West before the year is out.


How does Band of Missfits write and arrange new material?

I write all the lyrics and most of the composition with the exception of a few.  I normally write lyrics first then the music, arranging the chord progression around what I have lyrically.  I bring new songs to the band at rehearsal or a recording of me playing the song to see what the band thinks.  Once I have written them, the songs won't change lyrically but musically they evolve very quickly with the bands involvement.


What influences and informs your band as a whole and individually as musicians?

Wow, it's pretty varied.  Actually, we all have a love of rock from the 70's until now.  As a band our influences would be Led Zepplin, Neil Young, Band of Sculls, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Cranberries, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Birds of Tokyo, The Superjesus, White Stripes. 

Paul Smith's two biggest influences are handsdown Bonham and Chad Smith.  Melanie comes from a jazz background but also has a love of melodic hard-rock, Pink Floyd, Wolfmother, Hendrix, and loves Janis Joplin too.   

For me - from six years old singing to my mums Barbara Streisand records, Etta James, Elton John ... then to all your heavyweight divas to bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queen, Metallica, Kiss, Guns'n'Roses, Custand, System of a Down, The Living End, The Superjesus, Birds of Tokyo, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age.



If your single "Nothing at all" was included on a various artists mix-tape, what other songs would be included on that tape?

Wayside, Ocean Alley's cover of "Baby Come Back", Tell me Alli Said Hi, Band of Sculls "I know what I am", White Stripes version of "Jolene", System of a Down "Old School Hollywood", Foo Fighters "Something from Nothing", COG "Birds of a feather", Lana Del Ray "Cola", New Revelations "Red Jezebel", Wolfmother "White Unicorn", Led Zepplin "RocknRoll", System of a Down "Holy Mountains", Waywardson "Civil War"


If you could put yourself on the bil for your own curated music festival, what local, Australian, and International Artists would be on the bill, and why?  Who would headline?

Locally I'd have Red Jezebel, New Talk, Brufield, Commanda Panda, Ultrasound, I Call Val, The Silent Deeds, Eskimo Joe and Spud Gun.  I've always been a fan of Red Jez since working with Mark Cruikshank at our first job (KFC), I love their style and their songs.  The other local bands because they make great tunes and they are genuinely nice guys.

Australian bands would have to be The Superjesus, Cog, Meg Mac, The Living End, Birds of Tokyo, Tame Impala, Wolfmother, Grinspoon and Angie McMahon.  I can't get enough of the music from each of these bands and have always been a fan.

International Acts would be Foot Fighters, Bishop Briggs, Chilli Peppers, Queens of the Stoneage, System of a Down, Artic Monkeys, Metallica, Kings of Leon, Gunners, Muse, Radiohead, Whitestripes, The Killers.    All of these bands have been an inspiration one way or another.  I'd probably have System of a Down or Foo Fighters headline!


What would be your rider?

Ice Cold Jack Daniels always hits the spot!


If your music was to be used as a soundtrack for a film, who would you want directing and starring?

Tarantino as director, with James Franco, Johnny Depp, Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek starring.


If you had to play a completely different genre of music to what you do now, what would it be?

I'd probably be doing pop power ballads or blues, I guess.


What food/drink serving suggestions do you have for this album?

I'd suggest serving yourself a fine merlot in front of a roaring fire with seared foi gras on pana di casa bread and a block of the finest dark chocolate while soakikng inthe souns of Band of Missfits "Higher Passage".


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