The milkmen deliver ...
October 25, 2018

So, The Milkmen are an intense and gritty acoustic rock group that delve deep into the heavier realities of life.  Formed in Perth, they debuted their EP Always Deliver in 2009, followed up in 2010 with their first album The Man with the Plan.  It has been a few years, but The Milkmen have now released "Behind Closed Eyelids", an effort that confidently exhibits their talent to expertly craft and deliver music.  EatNoise catches up with Bassist Elliot Careswell to discuss their album and aspirations ...



So - you've recently released your album "Behind Closed Eyelids" - an epic album of 14 songs. Tell us more about the album ...

We hadn't recorded for a while so we put together a collection of songs both old and new which we felt best our current sound.


What has been the reaction to the album so far?

Our mums love it.


Who does what in the band? How did you meet?

Conor Mcloughlin – Frontman, Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar
Elliot Careswell – Bass, backing vocals
Collin Gorter – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Marc Ryan – Drums and Backing vocal

Conor, Collin and myself met in primary school and Marco joined the band more recently after a mate of ours met him at a funeral.



Who else was involved recording your EP?

Most of the album was recorded at Poons Head Studios in Fremantle by Rob Grant, Nick Ireland and Barney the Dog. 'Í Cant Still Hear the Birds' was recorded at Scudley Records, Bassendeen with Peter Renzullo. All tracks were mixed and Mastered by Rob Grant at Poons Head Studios.


What influences and informs your group as a whole, and individually as musicians and songwriters?

We all have different things that influenced us to play music.
Conor grew up surrounded by musicians and fell into it naturally at an early age.
I grew up surrounded by Conor playing music and he influenced me to play bass.
Collin knew it was what he wanted to do after watching Óff the Map'- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Marcos primary school had a music program so he got into music that way.

Our influence as a whole is our ability to play together and we have fun doing it.



Now you've finished your album - what is next? Are there any tours or festival appearances planned?

We plan to take the band over east next year and we already have new songs popping up to go on the next album. We will be part of the international 'RAW: Natural Born Artists' showcase at Rosemount Hotel, Perth, WA on Thursday 22nd November. We will also be playing 'Karnidale 2019' in Karridale, WA on 19th &20th January 2019. We would like to secure some slots at big festivals over east and in Perth so if any booking agents involved in music festivals are reading this, hit us up.


Where would you like the band to be in five years? What's on your bucket list?

We would like to perform our music full-time. We would like to be playing big festivals. Selling albums and have a large fanbase. We would like to have toured the world by then.



Say its you're turn to create a mix-tape for your tour bus. What songs are you going to include?

The Beatles - Come Together, I've Just Seen A Face
Dave Matthews Band - Rhyme or Reason
David Gray - Lately
Hozier- NFWMB
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Savior
Kurt Vile - Pretty Pimpin
Nathaniel Rateliffe - You Worry Me, Hey Mama
Paul Kelly - Rally Round the Drum
Sun Kill Moon - Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes
Radiohead - Mixomotosis
Oasis - Morning Glory
Coldplay - Green Eyes, Violet Hill
Van Morrison - Listen to the lion
Glen Hansard - Say it to Me Now
Ben Howard - End of the Affair


If you could curate the perfect music festival (with you on the bill), what bands/artists - alive or dead - would you include? Who would headline?

The Beatles
Dave Matthews
David Grey
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Kurt Vile
Nathaniel Rateliff
Paul Kelly
Sun Kill Moon
Van Morrison


What would be your rider?

Goat Curry
Carton of Heinekens
some water


What's are the best experiences you've had gigging? What about the weirdest, and the worst??

The best experiences are the big gigs, when we support big names like Eskimo Joe and Shannon Noll. The worst would have to be when we played a gig that were expecting a cover band and we are an original band, that was also the weirdest gig.


Finally, what food/drink serving suggestions do you have for this album?

Rum and snickers.



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