Foreign Architects on the West Coast
September 13, 2018

Foreign Architects - in contrast from their name, are neither foreign nor architects.  But we'll let that slide while the WA group continue to produce such luscious indie pop.   They group recently released their EP "Coasters and Caravans" ... so we caught up with Matthew Burke from the band to tell us all things foreign architecture, london pubs, Perth Glory and headlining Coachella!



So - you've just released your EP "Coasters and Caravans" - tell us about the album!

It’s a 5 song EP, we released a couple of the singles earlier in the year and it also contains some new ones which showcase a side to our music that people probably haven’t heard before.


Who's who in Foreign Architects, and how did you all meet?

There’s myself (Matt Burke)- I wanted some more oomph to the solo acoustic sets I was doing around town so enlisted my drummer cousin Andrew, we set about recording an EP (Jane) as a duo but got Callum Morrison to play bass on the record, who we’d met at uni. A few years later we felt we’d milked what we could do as a duo pretty dry so Callum officially joined the band, and not long after we brought Dylan Geiles on board, who we’d met a couple of years before at a gig in Jurien Bay



Describe the bands style in ten words or less...

Dr Martens, retro jackets, long luscious hair.


Bearing the terrible cliched nature of this question, what do you think people will say you sound like?

We’ve got all sorts of comparisons thrown at us, some of which are really flattering, to name a few: Cut copy, Methyl Ethel, Jungle Giants, Foster the People, Milky Chance


How was the song-writing for the EP shared between the group?

I wrote and demo’d most of the tunes myself and brought them to the band, Miss Shaped was brought to the rehearsal room in its infancy and a lot of the rhythmic intricacies you hear are born out of everyone’s 2c being thrown in, which was really cool. High Street really came alive when Callum layed down his groovy disco style bass line.


Who else was involved recording your EP?

The EP was produced by Dylan Olivierre, mixed by Andy Lawson and mastered by Brian Lucey in the US – it’s a chain of command we’d used previously and have been pretty happy with that workflow.



So, what's behind the album name "Coasters and Caravans"?

Coasters from where I’d place my pint glass in London pubs whilst writing many of the lyrics, and Caravans from an awesome secluded airbnb in Gracetown in WA’s southwest where I spent a week locked away re-shaping the demo’s before we took them into the studio.


Where would you like the band to be in five years? What's on your bucket list?

If we aren’t headlining Coachella then I’ll consider the whole venture to be a failure. No, not really, I try not to focus on the results/achievement side of things, We’ve done amazing things so far that I never could have predicted, I just enjoy making music with my friends and the journey it takes us on.


Do you have a pre-gig ritual? If so, what is it?

Finish off the rider.


Say its you're turn to create a mix-tape for your tour bus. What songs are you going to include?

I’d find out what everyone on-board really dislikes, then fill the tape with nothing but that. That’s just the nice, thoughtful chap that I am!


If you could put yourself on the bill for your own curated music festival, what current local, Australian and International artists would be on the bill and why? Who would headline?

I think the lineup for Splendour this year would probably be pretty bang on to what we’d curate, plus Paul Kelly for good measure!



What would be your rider?

We’re huge fans of any tinnies with removal tops.


What's are the best experiences you've had gigging? What about the weirdest, and the worst??

A few years ago we got to play an A-league half time show at Perth Glory game. 11,000 people there and due to the club giving us the wrong accreditation wristband the head security officer didn’t let us on to the pitch to perform, we actually had to sneak onto the pitch from another entry and run to our own stage – but as a Glory fan you get used to these sort of cock ups.


Finally, what food/drink serving suggestions do you have for this album?

A can of red bull zero, a box of black pepper Jatz crackers and a tub of Kraft Mexican dip. You’re welcome!



Find out more about Foreign Architects here