Electrified Rock 'n Roll
July 18, 2018

Leg's electric is an all-girl Rock 'n Roll band from Perth have crafted a big sound that embraces the power and soul of the golden era of heavy rock from the 70's.  Big guitars, big drums and ferocious live shows, Leg's Electric are now celebrating the release of their second EP "Two Sides".  We caught up with the band to find out more ...


So - you've just released your EP "Two Sides"- a blistering riff-laden rock album almost straight outta the 70's - tell us about the album!

It's a mixed bag of rock 'n roll really and definetely an essence of the 70's has purposely sneaked into it. I guess we all grew up lisening to the classics and I think that heavily reflects whenever we write. We used a lot of harmonies as all members of Legs can sing so we wanted to create lots of vocal layers. The ep covers all themes about Moving On/Speaking up/Obsessions/Addictions/Anger/Chaos – it's Fierce!



Who's who in Legs Electric, and how did you all meet?

Kylie Soanes is our hard hitting pocket rocket of a drummer who is basically the bones behind Legs. She began the idea many years ago and poached me at a local rock bar to sing for her and of course I said yes. The previous members Laura McCormack & Abby Soanes were already in a previous band with Kylie and they formed the very beginnings of Legs Electric. We now have the most excellent Elana Haynes souring on lead guitar and Erin Gooden laying down the Bass grooves and has followed our band for many years.


How was the song-writing for the album shared between the group?

We all do a bit of everything when it comes to writing but I predominantly write the lyrics as I feel I connect with the words more this way however other members of the group have written lyrics also.


Who was involved recording this album?

Two tracks "Wanna Riot" & "Strange Addiction" were recorded with Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe) & three tracks by Kenny Watts (The M16's) from Electric City Studio & KillerWatt Studio.


What's behind the album name "Two Sides"?

The tittle Two Sides represents the old and new line-ups of the band and the "two sides" to our sound on this EP.



How has your sound or songwriting developed since your first EP "Maximum Rock n Roll" in 2014?

I think we have gone for a more raw sound on this ep and less overproduced to obtain that authentic but stiill polished sound. It has those melodic vibes with vintage grit or Boho Rock as we like to call it but always that classic rock format.


You must be looking forward to the tour across Australia coming up. What have you got planned? Is this your first time touring in the eastern states?

We are thrilled to be going on tour thanks to winning a much needed grant from Otherside Brewery Co. It will be the first time show casing our new line up with Elana & Erin too so we can't wait! We are hitting Adelaide, Sydney, Woolongong and Melbourne and doing a special Legs Acoustic performance for one of our shows.


Legs Electric have done some stellar supports in the past. Tell us about them ...

We have been very fortunate to play with some amazing bands including The Baby Animals (a band that has heavily influenced myself), Uriah Heep, Ace Frehley, Sebastian Bach, Thunder, Sarah McCleod, Cherie Currie to name a few.


You've got a pretty big sound with killer riffs ... what are the bands primary influences?

It's a real fruit salad of influences from the 70's, 80's and 90's including Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Grand Funk Railroad, The Divynyls, Led Zep, The Cult, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Tool, Muze, Living End, Stone Temple Pilots...



What's on the bucket-list for Legs Electric?

World Tour!!! We still haven't done an overseas tour as yet and it is high on the agenda. The Legs must be spread worldwide.


Say its you're turn to create a mix-tape for your tour bus. What songs are you going to include?

Bohemian Rhapsody, The Chain, More Than A Feeling, Africa, Money For Nothing, Footstoppin Music, Love Gun, Jump, Baraccuda, Vogue, Waterfalls, MMMBop, Black Hole Sun, Push It, Shine, All I Wanna Do, White Noise, The Power of Love, Judith, Volcano Girls, Malibu, Riders on the Storm, Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart, Cult of Personality, , Stand Back, White Wedding, Smooth Criminial, Private Dancer, China Girl.


If you could put yourself on the bill for your own curated music festival, what current local, Australian and International artists would be on the bill and why? Who would headline?

The Baby Animals - Suze DeMarchi well she is a rock queen! Maverick - WA local band with a real authentic southern classic rock feel and they're a great bunch of lads too, lastly headlining would be my all time favourite rock band Whitesnake because I would want to join David Coverdale in tearing up the stage.


What would be your rider?

Absolute Vodka at the ready, Chicken Katsu Bento Box, Mike MgGill Skateboard, McDonalds Cheeseburgers (lots of them).


What's are the best experiences you've had gigging? What about the weirdest, and the worst??

My best experience was The Baby Animals, mainly as I massively idolize that band and it made it even more thrilling to actually meet Suze after the show, she was so humble and a real rocker. The weirdest would be a local show we did some years back where a bunch of guys took of their shirts and had "Legs Electrc" in texture across their bodies pressed up against the glass behind us, I think that image has burnt into my memory.


Finally, what food/drink serving suggestions do you have for this album?

A slice of Legs Electric pizza from Theo & Co and a cold Otherside Anthem bevy to wash it down.