Despite all the brilliant technologies available to make recording, distribution and promotion more affordable and accessible, it's barely been harder for original bands and artists to make a living selling music. As such, live performances are fundamentally critical for the artists who create the music, and for the live venues that host the live performances. It's a difficult slog, and EatNoise is here to help ease the burden and help the live music scene flourish.

EatNoise has built a community network that will allow artists, venues and fans thrive on exploration, discovery and participation. It's a place where hard-working and talented independent artists can interact with fans and build an audience. It's here to help artists pack venues with fans. And it's here to help fans stay intimately connected with their favourite artists and discover new ones. Essentially - it's for people who live on live music.

As an artist, fan or venue operator, you can create a clean, handsome, and customisable landing page that completely reflects your unique identity and bigger picture. EatNoise is also an events guide, so artists can publish gigs and tours so punters can easily uncover gigs anywhere. Importantly EatNoise is a niche community network for the live music scene, and aims to improve the reach of artists to old and new fans everywhere.

This is just the beginning for EatNoise, and we hope you can join us on an exciting journey as we grow to satisfy your needs as a fan, artist or venue operator. EatNoise is currently in beta and will be testing the site right here in our hometown of Melbourne - Rock city!

If you notice any bugs, or have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know!